Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day One

I'm generally pretty computer literate but the blogging and facebook thing has me totally confused.  I'm sure that through trial and error I will get it.....eventually.

I've been crafting for several years and selling at craft shows throughout the year and now I am completely changing my product line and also my style of marketing.

I am making hand made olive oil soap and will also be making gift baskets according to the seasons.  I have a few gift baskets started that have a few gardening tools in the along with a few bars of soap for cleanup.  I'm starting with 12 different scents of soap including unscented.

I became really interested in the handmade soap because the store products have so many chemicals in them that they're really not good for your skin.  My soap has olive oil in it which is a good moisturizer and coconut oil which makes it lather really well.  I'm finding that with using the handmade soap that I don't need to use any moisturizer because the soap doesn't have chemicals that would dry out my skin.

I have a craft show this Saturday in the John Wright parking lot which is in Wrightsville, PA.  this will be my first show selling my soap so I'm excited and nervous.  I don't have any signs made yet so hopefully people won't be too confused.

Well, I think that is all that I have to say for today...I do need to get to bed and get some sleep.